League of Legend: Basic Advices #1

Elo Boost. Where to start?

Elo boost

A small preface:

I decided to write a guide about “how you can improve your chances of winning in Solo“, ie raise ELO. I play League of Legends from the 1st season and has seen a lot in the league. I boost people in about one and a half years. The decision to start boosting career came after I started to win a lot of games and promote myself to Diamond 2, I have decided that you can not just play for fun, but also to earn some money. I was afraid to take first orders, because i was afraid that i will lose all that is possible, but in the end nothing happened and after a year and a half I have absolutely all positive reviews. Of course,where were accounts which do not yield to Boost. I sit in the game for days and I could not move further, but in the end my persistence win. Recently, I created this site and decided to blog and write guides on how I am doing a boost, helping you to understand the ways of raising ELO.

Well, let’s start!

Where do start?

This guide will consist of facts which I have outlined for myself for a time, that i played in League of Legends, a supervision of my clients and reasons why they ask me to boost them. My opinion may differ from yours.

Find Your Champion

Elo boost champions

One of the major errors in self-boost is that the person is trying to play on a huge number of characters, and it did not do it good. I made for myself the condition that i will play ranking games on a single role, and I choose 1-2 of the hero and no more. (My peak is: Mid – Annie Ori; Top – Timo; ADC – Caitlyn, Graves; Support – Sona, Annie; Forest – Amumu). But you have to learn how to play at all the lines for the successful ELO boost. It is advisable to choose balanced characters that will not be nerfed in the near future due to the fact that they are too strong. From the pull of my characters I changed only Jungle champion because Riot constantly rework and balance forest. I do not deny the fact that people can play on the large number of characters and win games alone, but it is much better to master your skill on a small number of heroes and win the game in solo.

to be continued…



Dota 2 beginners guide #7

Finally – Final

Dota 2 mmr boost

Hello again. Today we will finish our rubrick about Best Heroes to boost solo MMR for Dota 2.

Pay your attention to the basics. Almost every time your perfomance is more important than the hero that you choose. As i mentioned in last part, you can boost your rating with ANY character.

Attention! First of all, this review is relevant for players with a low rating (~ 4000 MMR).


  • Doom
  • Wind Ranger


Doom dota2


  • Excellent growth of force +3.2.
  • The second skill gives him an excellent survival potential.
  • He have the ability to interrupt casts.
  • Ultimate is good as in teamfights and on lining stage.
  • Excellently catch split-pushers.
  • Can farm fast.
  • He can stand at hard line and the jungle.
  • Clear Damage from ultimate


  • The lack of armor at the start (0).
  • Depends on the artifacts.
  • Depends on experience.
  • Weak mana poll in the early game.

Firstly you need to understand that you want to quickly finish the game, because in Late game we will lost to hard cary. You need to choose hard line and be as aggresive as you can. We are going to dominate from the start.

You can buy almost everything at Doom. But always evaluate the situation and collect only those items that are needed at the moment.

Wind Ranger

Wind Ranger dota2


  • Universal character – may be mid or hard liner.
  • Have escape.
  • Excellent attack animation.
  • A good push-potential.
  • With the Blink Dagger can greatly initiate.
  • Easily kill an enemy core hero in 1×1 fights.


  • Weak hp poll in the early game.
  • Low agility gain.

A simple hero who can dominate from the start. One successful binding can turn a game. Inflict incredible damage. Perhaps the best hero to quickly raise the rating.

Our core item will be Maelstorm. Before start to whine that nobody buy this item in professional games, remember that you play in Pub games. A lightning will give us a bonus damage, attack speed and allow to quickly destroy bundles of creeps.

Secon core item – Blink Dagger. It will allow us to initiate, or escape from the battle.



Dota 2 beginners guide #6

Another Hero pack

Hello and welcome! Today we will take a look at another heroes that can help you to raise your Solo MMR. Todays heroes are not standart, and because of that enemies would be confused.

Today’s heroes are :

  • Leshrac
  • Bloodseeker
  • Gyrocopter




  • Incredibly strong character in Middle lane
  • Good attack animation
  • Low cooldown and mana cost on the Lightning Storm, allowing him to farm creeps , harass the enemy and push the line without problems.
  • It causes the enemy to kill the creeps under his tower
  • Relevant at all stages of the game. Of course, if you do not lose your line. Difficult to believe in that.


  • The hero is very dependent on its mana
  • Stan is skill based and hard to use
  • At the beginning of the game have not so much HP, but it changes with the advent of Bloodstone.


Leshrac skill

Do not always blindly copy an item and skill buildes. Assess the situation and buy / level what is really needed. Sometimes, the stun on the first level will be needed if you go with the team into the enemy’s forest or ambushe a rune.



Hero is suitable for beginners. It is easy to learn how to play, he is strong and with a little practice it will become easy MMR earner.


  • High damage at start
  • The ability to recover HP from creeps and heroes murder
  • The high movement speed, when opponents have little HP
  • Good feel on Lining stage
  • Can start ganking very early
  • Ultimate breaks BKB


  • Some problems arise against fat heroes
  • There is much stronger late carry heroes. We need to start wreak havoc much earlier
  • Have not control before the Abyssal Blade


Bloodseeker skill

Bloodseeker have a great variety of different item buildes. Always buy what you need. Some items may be useless against certain heroes. For example, it is not necessary to collect Shadow Blade against the Bounty Hunter and Slardar, or if your team already have invisible hero and opponents have to buy some Sentry.

If you have a lot of money you can stock Moonshard. And do not forget to leave money on buyback 🙂



Universal carry, which mainly relies on teamfights. You should take him only if you feel that the team is more or less adequate.


  • Good attack animation
  • Quickly gets core artifacts due Dominator and stacks of ancient creeps
  • Have a powerful magic spell
  • Strong AOE damage
  • Low mana cost on skills


  • Giro is very thin in the initial stages
  • Small damage from auto attaks at the start


Gyrocopter skill

level up your Rocket Barrage to the maximum, to kill the enemy on the line and to farm forest faster. Also you can max Flack cannon early if you able to quickly gather dominator. Capture an forest creep, then make stacks with this creep.
At the start, we take Wraith Band, because we have a little damage of ours attacks. Then buy Aquila to spam skills on cooldown. If you feel bad on line then take Morbid Mask and go into the forest. See also the choice between PT and Phase Boots, the second will be better. Drums can be assembled again, if everything is bad and early BKB is not in sight.

Dota 2 beginners guide #5

Tips for Ranked Games

Dota 2 tips

We continue our rubrick, dedicated to heroes with whom you can easly raise your MMR. Before we started, read previous parts of the guideBasics, Storm Spirit, TA / Slark, Jugger / Troll / Lina. Remember that you can raise the MMR on any heroes. The question is on whom you’ll do it faster.

But today we’ll talk about some other things. Let’s start!

Attention! First of all, this review is relevant for players with a low rating (~ 4000 MMR).

General information

Dota 2
In the previous parts of the guide we have described some points and tips for Ranked games. We introduce minor amendments.

  • Seen on the ranking of 1000 – 3000: teammates asked Mid line player to gank them up almost from the first minute. Ignore such tem mates. You have the task – farm core artifacts. Gang only when possible, for example if you have a good rune or you already have Ultimate or desired artifact.
  • Try to convince your team supports to pool you with 2 tango, if you go to the Mid lane. Typically, 4 tango is necessary, and you will save money. Also ask the team to take the rune in the first minute. Early bottle allow faster start your domination on the line.
  • If you play Carry, you do not need to do what almost all teammates do – stand in one place waiting for a fight. At this time, you can farm line / forest or push towers, and when fight begins you can use teleport to help your team mates.
  • News for Russian pubs – do not start with any dispute with them. Just Mute them and concentrate on the game.
  • Give up the idea that your Team has 4 idiots, and you only normal person.
  • Team fights errors: Look carefully due to you win or lose fights, take right target focus and dont start fights if you dont need it.
  • Remember that you take part in all Victories and Defeates. We usually dont notice what our team mates does right, but very quickly notice what they are doing wrong. Leave it – try to objectively assess their game.