How to climb in League of Legends | Challenger interview

The journey just begins | League of Legends: Way to Challenger

My very first attempt to climb to the Challenger League in LoL was in Season 4. I remember that I was playing semi-hardcore to Platinum Elo League and then I thought – Why would not I try to climb up to the challenger? Then I just chose the strongest champion that was in the meta and just starts mastering it. My choice falls to the Syndra because she was unbelievably good. In those games where I cannot choose Syndra or when she was banned, I picked champions like LeBlanc or Zed, I was quite familiar with their kits, so I could show some good results.

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Before starting to play Syndra I have watched a million of VOD’s from my icon of video gaming – Bjergsen. I learned all matchups and behavior patterns against EVERY champion in League of Legends, and then slowly grinded the games. With each game, I learn some new features, gain experience and just became better in micro. And roughly one thousand games later I have ended up in the Challenger League šŸ™‚

As soon as I hit the high Elo, I started to think outside the box and slowly learning new champions. And, of course, was dropped down back to the Diamond League. This was the point where I understand that you can grind one champion to achieve your goal, but if you really want to master League, then you need to extend your champion pool up to the 30-50 champions. So I started the long process of finding the right heroes, who work nicely for me. As you see this is an incredibly hard process and never even consider starting it if you are not ready to be work atĀ lol boosting service. Do not be too strict for yourself, everyone has games where he had 20 deaths, even if you are an awesome player.

Challenger – what goals you need to set to climb so high

It is not working this for me. You do not need the clear goal to become challenger, but you need to feel the will to find the proper enemies that will be equal or even stronger in their micro or macro control of the game. So if you will feel that, sooner or later you will end in the league you belong. But the process of self-enhancing will not end here. Nobody loves to lose, so you will learn new tricks, master new champions and learn on your own mistakes. That will increase the level of your gaming skills and this Elo league will become not so good for you, and you will start the whole process again. Until you reach League of Legends Elo Heaven – Challenger League.

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It works the same way in any traditional kind of sport, so why it would not work the same here? Especially considering that the cybersport was equaled to the classical sport!

How to keep yourself in a good form

Practicing is the key. If you are playing on one of the core roles, then you MUST train your Creep Slaying skill. In the forgotten times, you were needed to grind public games, where various scenarios were created by players and trying to slay EVERY creep on the lane. But right now we have Practice Tool, where you could create a simulation of these situations and continuously CSing until you become GOD-gamer in this part of the game.

If you have a friend who is playing incredibly good, you could ask him to play on various champions against you in private lobbies, to train all possible match-ups. Like I met some problems against Ryze during my way to the High Elo bracket, so I have asked my fellow guy to practice this matchup. We played like 5 games where he totally destroyed me, but then I slowly started to adapt to this champion and to the 10th game I could even win against him if I saw a little miss plays.

Types of players: Good and Bad

ANd the final thing that I want to learn you, that in the league there is no such thing as Aggressive or Defensive play style. There are only Good and Bad players and you need to remember it. You cannot play on the aggressive champion defensively and show the same amazing results as an aggressive player becauseĀ these champions were not CREATED to be played this. So if you are going to pick a defensive champion, then play defensively. It is all about knowing the right strategy and behavior pattern on the champions from your champion pool.

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Challenger in EVERY region

As you may know that the skillcap of various regions could differ. And that is why it is so interesting to start play in another Region if your connection could give you a proper ping. I achieved my Challenger only in NA servers and now I moved to the EU, so I am pretty hyped about all my possibilities. Right now I can hit Challenger on so many servers! From the EU to Russia, and I think that this will be an awesome adventure! Every region has its own meta and that is meaning that I will play against so different champions, and only this one experience could give me so much! This experience will be extremely valuable on the professional stage, where I and my team will face opponents from every country I can imagine.

But remember that you WILL face a lot of burns out, whining and toxicity. So be ready to face all the sins of the LoL gaming society! But remember that is your final goal to become a professional player, streamer, youtuber or anyone else, you need to be respectful in any situation. Remember the recent situation with the Ceb from Dota 2, and you will understand your responsibility for each word you have said.