Teamfight Tactics Guide: Tips for Newbies

The new auto-battler from Riot Games lacks a detailed tutorial. Players are thrown into the meat grinder of chess (or checkers?) battles without much preparation. Without playing League of Legends, it is very hard to get comfortable with TFT. Here we come to the rescue you with our small guide.

Let the money work for you

Gold is the most important tool in Teamfight Tactics. The resource allows you to do everything, starting with the level, buying new characters and ending with rerolls to try again to select champions. A significant part of the gameplay is devoted to earning the maximum amount of money.

Teamfight Tactics

Immediately advice: it is easier to farm gold from interest calculation. This is the earnings that are multiplied each turn, depending on how much gold you complete the round. One coin for every 10 points, up to a maximum of five. That is, these are two bonus gold for 20, three for 30 and so on. It makes sense to get yourself a ceiling of 50 gold, and the surplus is already spending on high-level new champions and reroll.

You can plan your earnings using the icons on the left side of the screen. Moreover, you can check the presence of gold both in yourself and in your opponents.

Lose a round is not the end of the game

A slightly more painful way to earn gold in Teamfight Tactics is to arrange a series of lost rounds. The series of victories or defeats brings the most gold and losing streak is achievable much easier. The main thing is not to miss a fight with minions for items.

Do not forget about objects

With the beginning of the battle in Teamfight Tactics, the roster is blocked. The game shows animation, movement, but you can change the composition of champions on the board only after the end of the round. However, this rule in no way concerns items. The mechanics of the game allows you to throw items on any live champion on the board. You can quickly heal dying character and change the course of events.

Assassins are special

Each champion class has its own unique abilities to help strengthen the composition. The Assassins, however, has rather peculiar gameplay. While most champion just goes ahead in a fight, the assassins jump behind their opponents to the opposite square of the field. The familiar trick for Dota Underlods fans, isn’t it? Murderers with a bang cope with powerful, but rather frail guys from ranged squads.

Positioning could win a fight

You can resist the assassins with the help of a tank in the rear. As long as enemy assassins mess around with heavyweights, your ranged champions will be able to deal damage.

tft positioning

The main time to read the opponent. If he has many assassins, this maneuver makes sense. If not, boldly push tanks forward, so that they crushed the enemy line of defense. The extra movements on the heroes’ board are not very useful: they cannot attack and save mana.

Tiers are important

Not all TFT champions are equal in power and strength. Some of them are simply stronger than others, so they are less common in the pool. Rare heroes are more expensive, and the cost is compensated by more powerful abilities. For example, Miss Fortune is worth 5 gold, but she has a wonderful attack on the area. More rare heroes, even at a low level, are able to duel their casual rivals. So do not be afraid to make substitutions in the roster or change tactics to support the rare champion who is acquired in the decisive rounds.

Gold is gold

Level enhancement is very important in Teamfight Tactics. It increases the maximum number of heroes that a player can put on the board. The second level gives two heroes, the third three and so on. At the start of the game, it’s not worth it to think about it, because XP is giving in every round. But then you have to spend on gold progress.

tft kindred

The level rises simply – with the help of a button on the left side of the screen in purchases. The space of the bench and the presence of an extra champion on the board in the final stage can be decisive. It is necessary to keep in reserve copies of champions to raise their level but do it wisely. Sometimes you need to sacrifice and sell a few champions to increase your own level.

Experiments are rewardable

Debut games in Teamfight Tactics can seem quite complicated, especially if you haven’t played it before. First, you need to spit heroes from the general draft, then select five heroes with very different class and initial bonuses, as well as various synergistic effects. Sounds scary hard. And to return to the game after a devastating defeat (as it awaits you, most likely) will not be easy, but in the race for the rewards, you could always use But believe me, it does not matter.

TFT board

The early stage in TFT involves a little chaos, but it is still balanced in such a way that any champions are able to overcome the first waves of minions. Even if you lose the first three rounds, the amount of damage received is negligible from a general point of view. Increasing interest in the game and making a plan for it is much more interesting. Do not be afraid to experiment and watch how this or that champion work.

Sometimes you need to spend gold to earn a much more

Gold is useful if you spend it wisely. It is important to remember about a reserve of 50 gold units, and then spend it at the right time. It is often useful to reroll characters (update the list in the pauses between battles) to get the ones you need. The main thing is to make sure that the money is spent not in vain.

Hunt the heroes of average rarity and try to finish one of the champions to the three-star level, around which you can assemble a team and perform a wonderful comeback.

How to climb in League of Legends | Challenger interview

The journey just begins | League of Legends: Way to Challenger

My very first attempt to climb to the Challenger League in LoL was in Season 4. I remember that I was playing semi-hardcore to Platinum Elo League and then I thought – Why would not I try to climb up to the challenger? Then I just chose the strongest champion that was in the meta and just starts mastering it. My choice falls to the Syndra because she was unbelievably good. In those games where I cannot choose Syndra or when she was banned, I picked champions like LeBlanc or Zed, I was quite familiar with their kits, so I could show some good results.

league of legends

Before starting to play Syndra I have watched a million of VOD’s from my icon of video gaming – Bjergsen. I learned all matchups and behavior patterns against EVERY champion in League of Legends, and then slowly grinded the games. With each game, I learn some new features, gain experience and just became better in micro. And roughly one thousand games later I have ended up in the Challenger League 🙂

As soon as I hit the high Elo, I started to think outside the box and slowly learning new champions. And, of course, was dropped down back to the Diamond League. This was the point where I understand that you can grind one champion to achieve your goal, but if you really want to master League, then you need to extend your champion pool up to the 30-50 champions. So I started the long process of finding the right heroes, who work nicely for me. As you see this is an incredibly hard process and never even consider starting it if you are not ready to be work at lol boosting service. Do not be too strict for yourself, everyone has games where he had 20 deaths, even if you are an awesome player.

Challenger – what goals you need to set to climb so high

It is not working this for me. You do not need the clear goal to become challenger, but you need to feel the will to find the proper enemies that will be equal or even stronger in their micro or macro control of the game. So if you will feel that, sooner or later you will end in the league you belong. But the process of self-enhancing will not end here. Nobody loves to lose, so you will learn new tricks, master new champions and learn on your own mistakes. That will increase the level of your gaming skills and this Elo league will become not so good for you, and you will start the whole process again. Until you reach League of Legends Elo Heaven – Challenger League.

League of legends

It works the same way in any traditional kind of sport, so why it would not work the same here? Especially considering that the cybersport was equaled to the classical sport!

How to keep yourself in a good form

Practicing is the key. If you are playing on one of the core roles, then you MUST train your Creep Slaying skill. In the forgotten times, you were needed to grind public games, where various scenarios were created by players and trying to slay EVERY creep on the lane. But right now we have Practice Tool, where you could create a simulation of these situations and continuously CSing until you become GOD-gamer in this part of the game.

If you have a friend who is playing incredibly good, you could ask him to play on various champions against you in private lobbies, to train all possible match-ups. Like I met some problems against Ryze during my way to the High Elo bracket, so I have asked my fellow guy to practice this matchup. We played like 5 games where he totally destroyed me, but then I slowly started to adapt to this champion and to the 10th game I could even win against him if I saw a little miss plays.

Types of players: Good and Bad

ANd the final thing that I want to learn you, that in the league there is no such thing as Aggressive or Defensive play style. There are only Good and Bad players and you need to remember it. You cannot play on the aggressive champion defensively and show the same amazing results as an aggressive player because these champions were not CREATED to be played this. So if you are going to pick a defensive champion, then play defensively. It is all about knowing the right strategy and behavior pattern on the champions from your champion pool.

League of legends

Challenger in EVERY region

As you may know that the skillcap of various regions could differ. And that is why it is so interesting to start play in another Region if your connection could give you a proper ping. I achieved my Challenger only in NA servers and now I moved to the EU, so I am pretty hyped about all my possibilities. Right now I can hit Challenger on so many servers! From the EU to Russia, and I think that this will be an awesome adventure! Every region has its own meta and that is meaning that I will play against so different champions, and only this one experience could give me so much! This experience will be extremely valuable on the professional stage, where I and my team will face opponents from every country I can imagine.

But remember that you WILL face a lot of burns out, whining and toxicity. So be ready to face all the sins of the LoL gaming society! But remember that is your final goal to become a professional player, streamer, youtuber or anyone else, you need to be respectful in any situation. Remember the recent situation with the Ceb from Dota 2, and you will understand your responsibility for each word you have said.

ADC will be slightly buffed in the next LoL patch

For all those tired of visiting bruisers and mages from the bot lane, then you are in luck. AD conveys may observe growth in prominence following fans to champions at Patch 8.24b.

Although he is an AD carry, Corki continues to be played almost exclusively from the mid lane for a previous couple of years before falling from favor. However, with forthcoming modifications to his Missile Barrage greatest, Corki could regain popularity among gamers. Together with his Missile Barrage foundation damage increased in all positions, together with the specific”big one” rocket getting another damage improve, Corki’s poke damage will get considerably more dangerous.

LoL patch incoming

Tristana and Varus will also be going to find a little excess firepower in the kind of fans. Tristana’s Explosive Charge capacity is set to get fans in the kind of higher foundation damage, maximum harm, and harm ratios. These modifications are Riot’s effort at”enhancing Tristana’s capacity to blow people up in the mid-game.”

Much like Tristana, Varus’ forthcoming changes aim to fortify his”early and mid-game spikes” Varus’ Blighted Quiver, and String of Corruption ultimate will get damage increases in the skills’ first couple of positions, making Varus’ early poke damage throughout the laning phase considerably more powerful.

When these fans surely make Caitlyn, Corki, Tristana, and Varus more powerful, we’ll need to wait till Patch 8.24b’s launching to find out whether they’ll give these AD carries enough firepower to compete against the bot lane Yasuos and Neekos currently drifting around Summoner’s Rift.

How to rise Elo in SoloQ | Jungle

Hello, my dear friends, the first thing you need to know, that this guide is created for the Junglers, here you can find something new.

Jungle | SoloQ

lol ranked

This is a guide, where I tried to concentrate all available information, that is needed to rise Elo, playing as a Jungler. In this guide, I will focus firstly on players of Bronze and Silver league, but I’m sure that many players of greater divisions can find something interesting here.


We all love to play in League of Legends, this is interesting, fascinating and funny. But sometimes SoloQ ranked matches is a real pain in the ass. All that I will write down here, is focusing on the one main purpose – raising Elo. To reach this goal you need to play mostly on one role, and play a lot. You need to carry four more guys, that probably even does not know how to play in LoL, You need to take a responsibility for all that is happening in a game, correct others’ mistakes, play not only for yourself but for the whole team.

SoloQ | How to rise Elo playing as Jungler

jungle champions lol

Everyone set their own goals when they start LoL. For someone, this goal is just to gain pleasure from the game, for someone – to add salt in games. They play normal games, or ranked, solo or in a team, but they play mostly for fun. But we need to chase another goal – to rise Elo.

Basic advises

After you set a goal, you need to focus not only on the game but also on your behavior. Behavior is the most important thing in all kinds of activities. Never start a game, if you upset, have a bad mood, or some problems in real life. If you feel unusual, but still want to play, then play in any other game mode, like a normal draft, ARAM, dominion and else.

Never start games when you tired. Every man has their limits, after what you start to play significantly worse. Try to notice when you starting to think out of the game. If you see that you starting lose focus on LoL, then try to change activity. Just know when to stop. Many players just lose a freaking lot of games, only because they do not know when to stop. If you lose 1-3 games, then just take a break. Most of the players just fall in rage and start to spam games, dramatically increasing their losing streak. And in the worst scenario, you may start to troll in games.

Remember that if you decided to play League of Legends then you need to be chill. Take a break if you feel tired and you will reach new heights.

Why jungler

Jungler is the most independent role, where everything depends only on you. Playing as a Jungler you free to choose where to gank, when to gank, when to aim a Dragon. I prefer a tank-initiators type of junglers, so I choose where and when all team fights will start. And the right initiation of the team fight is the half of success.

To carry low elo games, you need to play on strong champions. Always follow the Meta, learn new champions. Your task – to find which champions are strong at this moment and to master them. Strong champion is not always popular, strong champion – is that kind of champion that can carry games almost by himself. Take Shivanna as an example. Many think that she is weak because she is not popular, but with the right items she is able to deal freaking lots of AoE damage and can fight almost 1 vs 3.

With the new patch, your favorites may meet some nerfs, so you need to quickly learn a new champion. This is an infinitive process, and you need to adapt to it.

Understand your team

Adapt to your team. Watch how they play, and how they act. In most cases, you can locate an idiot just in the lobby. Never focus on bad players in a game, do not even try to help them during the game. Idiot with a 4-0 stats can still lose a lane.

Focus on good players because you need allies in a match. Help him, gank his lane and you together you will be able to win a match. Even if he does strange things, it will be better to risk and assist him.

Many peoples, especially from Bronze, just loves to whine at the team. “I have a great CS and KDA, that means that I am a King and you all are Losers!” This is incorrect. You need to understand that if you want to break through low Elo you need to carry games, carry the whole team. If someone was killed by gank, then be sure that he buy and place a ward. If he did not bought it, then buy it by yourself, go to him, and place it.

Remember that you do not need /all chat. So go and disable it right now. Enemies, allies, all players of League of Legends use this chat to whine, flame and troll. If you here to start a conversation with some new peoples, then try something else. League of Legends is a competitive moba game, not some personal chat service. When someone starts to whine, flame then just add him to the ignore list.

Jungler champions | SoloQ

lol jungler

Personally, I divide all jungler by 2 groups – farmers and gankers.

Farmers – those junglers which full potential opens only in middle and late game. They do not that good at ganking, but they able to quickly farm jungle minions. Shyvanna is a great example, that can so effectively farm jungle that she can have the same level as the other solo laners. Other great farmers are Dr. Mundo, Amumu, Nasus, and others.

Gankers – junglers that really strong in early stages of the game. These champions are quite bad at farming, but they can deal great damage already by the 3rd level.

But this does not mean that playing on farmer you need to focus only on farm. You need to open the potential of a champion on all 100%.


This is the end of the First part of my guide, the second will be released probably in the next week. Summing up all that I wrote above, I want to say that it is easy to leave Elohell solo, all you need to do is to put some efforts in it, and you will quickly see how your rating is growing up. But if you feel that all this is pointless, then you can always use elo boosting services.

League of Legend: Basic Advices #2

In our last post, we started talking about the most basic advices when playing a MOBA game League of Legends. Today we will continue this topic.

In this article, we will discuss the most important aspects of the game such as your mood on the game and careful control of the minimap.

Stay Determined.

Stay Determined

Always set yourself to win, even if your whole team are “feeding” an enemies, or someone on your team left in the AFK. Once I was a very toxic player and constantly pointed out on the errors of my allies, i wrote that it is a loss, etc. It brings a very bad result because the Allies began to debate with me, die just to anger me, go away in the AFk, etc.

My first and most important advice – try to write in a chat only if it necessary and in the case, also never blame your allies in something, all players makes mistakes and if you point them into it they will be just dismoraled and nothing more.

Never insult anyone, even if they have done something wrong. Good behavior even in selection part plays an important role. Try to write your suggestions in positive way just like, “Friends, Please let me go mid” and other similar positive phrase, and you probably will go on a desired line, but if you write something like “Mid or Feed” then with a high probability allies will do everything to spite you.

Stay positive

If a person says, for example, “mid or AFK“, or that he plays only on a particular line, it is better to give it to him, otherwise he may feed your opponents. Good behavior and a positive attitude to the game will greatly increase your chances of winning!

Map Control.

Map control is playing a decisive role in the game. The most important place to ward are:

  • Dragon / Nashor.
  • Top: Tribush and river.
  • Mid: situational, there should be a lot of wards.
  • Bot: Tribush, river and nice to have a ward in the enemy forest.

League of Legends Map major points

At the moment, there is an excellent trinket, which cost 250 gold and you can buy it  only after 9 level. It accumulates charges every 90 sec (maximum of 2 charges) and gives you an ability to place a ward which lasts for 3 minutes. I think this is a great item is for all roles, except for a supports (They have a Sight Stone).

Correct placement of wards plays an important role in achieving the victory.

If you are interesed in MOBA boost then try to check other articles:

League of Legend: Basic Advices #1

Elo Boost. Where to start?

Elo boost

A small preface:

I decided to write a guide about “how you can improve your chances of winning in Solo“, ie raise ELO. I play League of Legends from the 1st season and has seen a lot in the league. I boost people in about one and a half years. The decision to start boosting career came after I started to win a lot of games and promote myself to Diamond 2, I have decided that you can not just play for fun, but also to earn some money. I was afraid to take first orders, because i was afraid that i will lose all that is possible, but in the end nothing happened and after a year and a half I have absolutely all positive reviews. Of course,where were accounts which do not yield to Boost. I sit in the game for days and I could not move further, but in the end my persistence win. Recently, I created this site and decided to blog and write guides on how I am doing a boost, helping you to understand the ways of raising ELO.

Well, let’s start!

Where do start?

This guide will consist of facts which I have outlined for myself for a time, that i played in League of Legends, a supervision of my clients and reasons why they ask me to boost them. My opinion may differ from yours.

Find Your Champion

Elo boost champions

One of the major errors in self-boost is that the person is trying to play on a huge number of characters, and it did not do it good. I made for myself the condition that i will play ranking games on a single role, and I choose 1-2 of the hero and no more. (My peak is: Mid – Annie Ori; Top – Timo; ADC – Caitlyn, Graves; Support – Sona, Annie; Forest – Amumu). But you have to learn how to play at all the lines for the successful ELO boost. It is advisable to choose balanced characters that will not be nerfed in the near future due to the fact that they are too strong. From the pull of my characters I changed only Jungle champion because Riot constantly rework and balance forest. I do not deny the fact that people can play on the large number of characters and win games alone, but it is much better to master your skill on a small number of heroes and win the game in solo.

to be continued…