Dota 2 beginners guide #3

Best Solo MMR Heroes

In our previous post (here and here) we covered the basics of the game, and also examined such a hero as the Storm Spirit.
In this article, we will focus on the characters like Templar Assassin and Slark that are perfect for raising solo Match Making Rating.

Lets Start:

Templar Assassin

Templar Assassina

  • Good harass the enemy through passives with proper positioning
  • Refraction gives a lot of damage, and excellent survival
  • Very strong in the 1v1 fights at all stages of the game
  • Ultimate gives you a small passive overview


  • Small attack range
  • Low amount of health and mana at the beginning
  • The average split-push capability. It becomes better after purchase Dagger.

Early Game

For the early game our BIS items is Phase boots and a Bottle.
Phase Boots give us mobility, if necessary, as well as a nice bonus damage.
And we need a bottle as the Templar Assassin is very mana dependent.

Late game

Core Items: Dagger and Desolator

Dagger will give us a much needed mobility to our character and Desolator coupled with our second skill allow us to deal incredible damage per 1 shot.




  • Strong in all phases of the game
  • A good split-push potential
  • Very easy to master
  • It can go as the Middle, and on the top / bot
  • Perfect for a solo boost MMR


  • Skill and builds an item depends on the situation


The bottle is our main instrument for almost the entire game. Since we are highly mobile, we must grasp every rune spawn.
Power Treads – Best item at begining becouse it gives us attack speed and we can, if necessary, obtain additional HP pool.


Core items for Slark is Dagger (Shadow blade) and Abbissal blade.
Choose between Dagger and Shadow Blade depends on your skill, but it is recommended to take Dagger as the Shadow Blade is detected by wards and dust.
Abbisal blade the ideal weapon. It will allow us to make a number of strokes, thus we weaken an opponent and strengthen ourself.


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