Dota 2 beginners guide #1

Dota 2 beginners guide #1

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If you want to start boosting by yourself you must mastered the Game. Here i’ll try to tell about every aspect of Dota 2, that can help to start your way to the top.

To become a boosting star you must always choose Carry or Mid heroes.

Know your role


dota2 good support

When you choose a hero you also choose a play style. If you chose the Carry should not rush into action at the first levels, better pay more attention on farm to become stronger to Late-game. Carry is the key to the success of the game. In the beginning, they require supports services, as well as in a large quantity of gold. Get it – your concern. The main inflow is to farm creeps and lasthits towers. Remember that the farm in the forest is less favorable than on the line, so if you drove into the woods, do not linger there. It is better to change the line and continue to collect the gold.

Every death is critical

In Dota2 you can not afford to die under any pretext. At death, you lose a huge chunk of gold, and you can not farm and gain experience during the time of rebirth. Remember also that the most important target on the battlefield is the enemy Carry. We need to kill it as often as possible to its potential remain undisclosed. But do not forget that this rule also works for you.

Lasthit towers

on each of the enemy lines stands a potential bags of gold – TowersIf you destroy it then to your whole team will be added a nice boost in goldbut if you Lasthit tower then you will have a solid bonus award. Know your damage to the tower and try to inflict a final blow.
The main goal of the game – to destroy the enemy Ancient. To reach it you need to destroy a minimum of 3 towers. Whenever possible, try to damage enemy buildings, as they do not healing until the end of the match, then sooner or later you will destroy it.
In the early stages of the game do not even think to beat the tower alone, because it does a lot of damage in a certain radius of itself. Damage tower only under the protection of creeps. But it is worth remembering that the tower immediately starts to attack you instead creeps if you caused damage to enemy hero while within its range.
Protect your tower to prevent the enemy team even closer to you by Farm.


  1. Play safely
  2. Farm farm farm
  3. Destroy towers

To be continued…

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