Dota 2 beginners guide #4

Another 3 heroes for boosting!

You can look at 3 things infinitely: how fire burns, how water flows and how Doters tries to raise theirs solo-MMR.

But seriously, you can raise your rating with any hero. We have already described some of the characters in the previous parts ( part1 / part2 / part3 ) of the guide. Today we will examine three more, which, according to the author, you can effectively raise a solo-MMR.

Attention! First of all, this review is relevant for players with a low rating (~ 4000 MMR).

General information

As i said before, the best role for raising MMR – mid and carry. But! If you already have one, you should not take another. Take another role – it will increase your chances of winning.



Juggernaut carry

One of the best carry characters is perfect for raising MMR.

  • Strong in the early-game, very strong in mid-game and in Late-game
  • Built invulnerability to most spells (Blade Fury)
  • Has a great AoE heal
  • Easy to learn
  • Ultimate breaks invulnerability to magic
  • High attack speed


  • Small mana pool
  • Small HP pool


Juggernaut skills
Blade Fury allow to kill the enemy on the line and get the exp and gold.



Juggernaut items
Instead Healing Salve in the beginning take a Tango and the Wraith Band. If you find it hard to stand on line to buy Morbid Mask and go to the forest. Juggernaut anyway will farm his basic artifacts, especially at low raiting games. And always carry a scroll of teleportation. You can use it during Blade Fury, which will allow you to leave the battlefield virtually guaranteed.

 Troll Warlord

Troll warlord carry

It is unrealistic strong hero, which is pleasant to play. Be prepared to hear the phrase “Troll imbalanced!”. But cast away those thoughts and you’ll be glad to see once again 25 points at the end of the match.

  • Very high attack speed
  • Well worth a mid and easy line
  • Good attack animation in melee and in ranged mode.
  • With Morbid Mask can kill Roshan solo by Battle Trance
  • Has a low mana cost and low cooldown on spells
  • Whirling Axes in melee mode does decent damage around him and forcing opponents to miss for 7 (!) Seconds


  • Vulnerable to the control before the BKB
  • Beginners need a bit of experience for this hero to cleverly switch between modes and not to be confused
  • Suffice questionable flaws, but not just Troll is one of the most powerful characters in the current Mete.


Troll warlords skills


Troll warlords items




Also you can safely take the red beast and charge Laguna Blade in their faces. Strong hero at all stages, and closer to Late game she can produce good damage with her autoattacks.


  • Strong burst damage
  • AoE stun
  • A good ganking potential
  • With the dagger has a good split-push potential,
  • in late-game has a good attack speed
  • Good ranged attacks


  • Not the easiest character to learn
  • Very expensive spells
  • Vulnerability to the Ganges, as it does not have escape
  • Poor animation of Attack


Lina skills


Lina items
As you can understand, the best role for Lina, if you’re going to raise a solo MMR, – MID, so the first thing is obviosly – purchase Bottle. If you are experiencing difficulties with the timing with Eul, then it can be ignored, but we do not recommend it – you will lost a huge potential.


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