Dota 2 beginners guide #7

Finally – Final

Dota 2 mmr boost

Hello again. Today we will finish our rubrick about Best Heroes to boost solo MMR for Dota 2.

Pay your attention to the basics. Almost every time your perfomance is more important than the hero that you choose. As i mentioned in last part, you can boost your rating with ANY character.

Attention! First of all, this review is relevant for players with a low rating (~ 4000 MMR).


  • Doom
  • Wind Ranger


Doom dota2


  • Excellent growth of force +3.2.
  • The second skill gives him an excellent survival potential.
  • He have the ability to interrupt casts.
  • Ultimate is good as in teamfights and on lining stage.
  • Excellently catch split-pushers.
  • Can farm fast.
  • He can stand at hard line and the jungle.
  • Clear Damage from ultimate


  • The lack of armor at the start (0).
  • Depends on the artifacts.
  • Depends on experience.
  • Weak mana poll in the early game.

Firstly you need to understand that you want to quickly finish the game, because in Late game we will lost to hard cary. You need to choose hard line and be as aggresive as you can. We are going to dominate from the start.

You can buy almost everything at Doom. But always evaluate the situation and collect only those items that are needed at the moment.

Wind Ranger

Wind Ranger dota2


  • Universal character – may be mid or hard liner.
  • Have escape.
  • Excellent attack animation.
  • A good push-potential.
  • With the Blink Dagger can greatly initiate.
  • Easily kill an enemy core hero in 1×1 fights.


  • Weak hp poll in the early game.
  • Low agility gain.

A simple hero who can dominate from the start. One successful binding can turn a game. Inflict incredible damage. Perhaps the best hero to quickly raise the rating.

Our core item will be Maelstorm. Before start to whine that nobody buy this item in professional games, remember that you play in Pub games. A lightning will give us a bonus damage, attack speed and allow to quickly destroy bundles of creeps.

Secon core item – Blink Dagger. It will allow us to initiate, or escape from the battle.



Dota 2 beginners guide #6

Another Hero pack

Hello and welcome! Today we will take a look at another heroes that can help you to raise your Solo MMR. Todays heroes are not standart, and because of that enemies would be confused.

Today’s heroes are :

  • Leshrac
  • Bloodseeker
  • Gyrocopter




  • Incredibly strong character in Middle lane
  • Good attack animation
  • Low cooldown and mana cost on the Lightning Storm, allowing him to farm creeps , harass the enemy and push the line without problems.
  • It causes the enemy to kill the creeps under his tower
  • Relevant at all stages of the game. Of course, if you do not lose your line. Difficult to believe in that.


  • The hero is very dependent on its mana
  • Stan is skill based and hard to use
  • At the beginning of the game have not so much HP, but it changes with the advent of Bloodstone.


Leshrac skill

Do not always blindly copy an item and skill buildes. Assess the situation and buy / level what is really needed. Sometimes, the stun on the first level will be needed if you go with the team into the enemy’s forest or ambushe a rune.



Hero is suitable for beginners. It is easy to learn how to play, he is strong and with a little practice it will become easy MMR earner.


  • High damage at start
  • The ability to recover HP from creeps and heroes murder
  • The high movement speed, when opponents have little HP
  • Good feel on Lining stage
  • Can start ganking very early
  • Ultimate breaks BKB


  • Some problems arise against fat heroes
  • There is much stronger late carry heroes. We need to start wreak havoc much earlier
  • Have not control before the Abyssal Blade


Bloodseeker skill

Bloodseeker have a great variety of different item buildes. Always buy what you need. Some items may be useless against certain heroes. For example, it is not necessary to collect Shadow Blade against the Bounty Hunter and Slardar, or if your team already have invisible hero and opponents have to buy some Sentry.

If you have a lot of money you can stock Moonshard. And do not forget to leave money on buyback 🙂



Universal carry, which mainly relies on teamfights. You should take him only if you feel that the team is more or less adequate.


  • Good attack animation
  • Quickly gets core artifacts due Dominator and stacks of ancient creeps
  • Have a powerful magic spell
  • Strong AOE damage
  • Low mana cost on skills


  • Giro is very thin in the initial stages
  • Small damage from auto attaks at the start


Gyrocopter skill

level up your Rocket Barrage to the maximum, to kill the enemy on the line and to farm forest faster. Also you can max Flack cannon early if you able to quickly gather dominator. Capture an forest creep, then make stacks with this creep.
At the start, we take Wraith Band, because we have a little damage of ours attacks. Then buy Aquila to spam skills on cooldown. If you feel bad on line then take Morbid Mask and go into the forest. See also the choice between PT and Phase Boots, the second will be better. Drums can be assembled again, if everything is bad and early BKB is not in sight.

Dota 2 beginners guide #5

Tips for Ranked Games

Dota 2 tips

We continue our rubrick, dedicated to heroes with whom you can easly raise your MMR. Before we started, read previous parts of the guideBasics, Storm Spirit, TA / Slark, Jugger / Troll / Lina. Remember that you can raise the MMR on any heroes. The question is on whom you’ll do it faster.

But today we’ll talk about some other things. Let’s start!

Attention! First of all, this review is relevant for players with a low rating (~ 4000 MMR).

General information

Dota 2
In the previous parts of the guide we have described some points and tips for Ranked games. We introduce minor amendments.

  • Seen on the ranking of 1000 – 3000: teammates asked Mid line player to gank them up almost from the first minute. Ignore such tem mates. You have the task – farm core artifacts. Gang only when possible, for example if you have a good rune or you already have Ultimate or desired artifact.
  • Try to convince your team supports to pool you with 2 tango, if you go to the Mid lane. Typically, 4 tango is necessary, and you will save money. Also ask the team to take the rune in the first minute. Early bottle allow faster start your domination on the line.
  • If you play Carry, you do not need to do what almost all teammates do – stand in one place waiting for a fight. At this time, you can farm line / forest or push towers, and when fight begins you can use teleport to help your team mates.
  • News for Russian pubs – do not start with any dispute with them. Just Mute them and concentrate on the game.
  • Give up the idea that your Team has 4 idiots, and you only normal person.
  • Team fights errors: Look carefully due to you win or lose fights, take right target focus and dont start fights if you dont need it.
  • Remember that you take part in all Victories and Defeates. We usually dont notice what our team mates does right, but very quickly notice what they are doing wrong. Leave it – try to objectively assess their game.



Dota 2 beginners guide #4

Another 3 heroes for boosting!

You can look at 3 things infinitely: how fire burns, how water flows and how Doters tries to raise theirs solo-MMR.

But seriously, you can raise your rating with any hero. We have already described some of the characters in the previous parts ( part1 / part2 / part3 ) of the guide. Today we will examine three more, which, according to the author, you can effectively raise a solo-MMR.

Attention! First of all, this review is relevant for players with a low rating (~ 4000 MMR).

General information

As i said before, the best role for raising MMR – mid and carry. But! If you already have one, you should not take another. Take another role – it will increase your chances of winning.



Juggernaut carry

One of the best carry characters is perfect for raising MMR.

  • Strong in the early-game, very strong in mid-game and in Late-game
  • Built invulnerability to most spells (Blade Fury)
  • Has a great AoE heal
  • Easy to learn
  • Ultimate breaks invulnerability to magic
  • High attack speed


  • Small mana pool
  • Small HP pool


Juggernaut skills
Blade Fury allow to kill the enemy on the line and get the exp and gold.



Juggernaut items
Instead Healing Salve in the beginning take a Tango and the Wraith Band. If you find it hard to stand on line to buy Morbid Mask and go to the forest. Juggernaut anyway will farm his basic artifacts, especially at low raiting games. And always carry a scroll of teleportation. You can use it during Blade Fury, which will allow you to leave the battlefield virtually guaranteed.

 Troll Warlord

Troll warlord carry

It is unrealistic strong hero, which is pleasant to play. Be prepared to hear the phrase “Troll imbalanced!”. But cast away those thoughts and you’ll be glad to see once again 25 points at the end of the match.

  • Very high attack speed
  • Well worth a mid and easy line
  • Good attack animation in melee and in ranged mode.
  • With Morbid Mask can kill Roshan solo by Battle Trance
  • Has a low mana cost and low cooldown on spells
  • Whirling Axes in melee mode does decent damage around him and forcing opponents to miss for 7 (!) Seconds


  • Vulnerable to the control before the BKB
  • Beginners need a bit of experience for this hero to cleverly switch between modes and not to be confused
  • Suffice questionable flaws, but not just Troll is one of the most powerful characters in the current Mete.


Troll warlords skills


Troll warlords items




Also you can safely take the red beast and charge Laguna Blade in their faces. Strong hero at all stages, and closer to Late game she can produce good damage with her autoattacks.


  • Strong burst damage
  • AoE stun
  • A good ganking potential
  • With the dagger has a good split-push potential,
  • in late-game has a good attack speed
  • Good ranged attacks


  • Not the easiest character to learn
  • Very expensive spells
  • Vulnerability to the Ganges, as it does not have escape
  • Poor animation of Attack


Lina skills


Lina items
As you can understand, the best role for Lina, if you’re going to raise a solo MMR, – MID, so the first thing is obviosly – purchase Bottle. If you are experiencing difficulties with the timing with Eul, then it can be ignored, but we do not recommend it – you will lost a huge potential.


Dota 2 beginners guide #3

Best Solo MMR Heroes

In our previous post (here and here) we covered the basics of the game, and also examined such a hero as the Storm Spirit.
In this article, we will focus on the characters like Templar Assassin and Slark that are perfect for raising solo Match Making Rating.

Lets Start:

Templar Assassin

Templar Assassina

  • Good harass the enemy through passives with proper positioning
  • Refraction gives a lot of damage, and excellent survival
  • Very strong in the 1v1 fights at all stages of the game
  • Ultimate gives you a small passive overview


  • Small attack range
  • Low amount of health and mana at the beginning
  • The average split-push capability. It becomes better after purchase Dagger.

Early Game

For the early game our BIS items is Phase boots and a Bottle.
Phase Boots give us mobility, if necessary, as well as a nice bonus damage.
And we need a bottle as the Templar Assassin is very mana dependent.

Late game

Core Items: Dagger and Desolator

Dagger will give us a much needed mobility to our character and Desolator coupled with our second skill allow us to deal incredible damage per 1 shot.




  • Strong in all phases of the game
  • A good split-push potential
  • Very easy to master
  • It can go as the Middle, and on the top / bot
  • Perfect for a solo boost MMR


  • Skill and builds an item depends on the situation


The bottle is our main instrument for almost the entire game. Since we are highly mobile, we must grasp every rune spawn.
Power Treads – Best item at begining becouse it gives us attack speed and we can, if necessary, obtain additional HP pool.


Core items for Slark is Dagger (Shadow blade) and Abbissal blade.
Choose between Dagger and Shadow Blade depends on your skill, but it is recommended to take Dagger as the Shadow Blade is detected by wards and dust.
Abbisal blade the ideal weapon. It will allow us to make a number of strokes, thus we weaken an opponent and strengthen ourself.


LoL boosting review

League of Legends Boosting


LoL ranks picture

League of Legends is one of the most popular online games at the moment. It is a MOBA which is played by more than 20 million people around the world. It has many modes such as blind pick, draft pick, all random and 3v3, but the most played one is ranked draft. In this mode, there are 10 players, 5 on each team, which play a draft pick game. The winners win League Points, while the losing team loses League Points. These points determine the ranking of a player.

The ranks are: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Challenger. Besides Master and Challenger, these tiers have 5 divisions each. Once a player gets 100 points, they play a series of games which determine if they advance to the next division.

Most players are in the Silver tier, while the least are in Challenger. Challenger is a special tier, holding only 250 players at the same time. The lowest ranked players in that tier are changed for the highest ranked players in the Master tier every few days.

LoL Boosting

LoL ranks

Boosting is a service, a paid service usually, and it means artificially increasing an account’s ranking by having a more experienced player join the matches. There are quite a few types of boosting such as division boosting, duo boosting and “per-win” boosting.

  • Division boosting means that the customer gives their account to a booster so that they can win matches until they reach the division desired by the buyer. This method is best used when the customer has bad MMR and their League Point gain is low.
  • When duo boosting, the owner of the account plays on their own account while the booster plays on an account which is close to the rank of the customer. This way, the customer can learn from playing with the booster, while their mistakes don’t mean too much as the booster is able to carry the game easily. The goal is similar to a division boosting’s goal: the customer picks their desired position and they play with the booster until they reach that goal.
  • “Per-win” boosting means that the customer pays for a number of matches to be won. This method is great when the customer has good MMR and their League Point gain is good; 19+ LP per game.

How to avoid boosting risks

Of course, sharing accounts is against Riot’s Terms of Service, which is why duo boosting is the safest method to boost your ranking as you don’t have to share your account with anyone, you just play with someone.

To reduce the risk of being found, you can use additional options such as choosing your frequently played champions so that the booster can use them, choose the key binds of your summoner spells or even pick a booster that’s geographically close to your position.

Dota 2 beginners guide #2

Hello and welcome to my Second part of Dota 2 Boost guide.

Which Hero is better to raise a solo-rating? This question is asked by many players. In this guide, we do not reveal the secret of the guaranteed solo MMR growth. But we try to bring to you the basics and show the characters, which, in our opinion, will raise your solo MMR.


  • Always choose Mid or Hard Carrie
  • Do not rely on the support team
  • Take the heroes who can turn the game in solo
  • When you choose Mid hero be polite and explain that you take him for the reason. If your argument was rejected take Hard carry. DO NOT TAKE 2 MID HEROES.
  • Never rely on Supports. If you want a Courier than by it by yourself.
  • Do not pay attention to the allies. Remember your goal – is a victory.


Storm Spirit

Storm Spirit

Short Guide

Best suited for “playing solo” and Farm. Storm is able to dominate the majority of the characters at the Middle, the main thing – to play aggressively or wait for the right moment for aggression.

Whatever role you have not done, the foundation is one – you are very manoeuvrable hero, so it must be used properly. Be sure to fly in the back to the enemy, there are usually supportes and guys with Blink Daggers

In a fight 1 on 1, this hero deals significant amount of damage.If your enemy left the line, than you can Push the tower and freefarm creeps.

When you playing as Storm Spirit, than you must always Gank enemies. Later you should be a part of a Team, and it’s your work to initiate fights.



  • Excellently harass the enemy due to his passives
  • High mobility with the Ultimate
  • High split push potential
  • Very strong in the 1v1 fights at the beginning and end of the game
  • Excellent initiation


  • High dependence on mana
  • Not mobile until he get a Ultimate

Skill Build

Skill Build Storm Spirit

Item Build

Item Build Storm Spirit

Dota 2 beginners guide #1

Dota 2 beginners guide #1

Dota boost

If you want to start boosting by yourself you must mastered the Game. Here i’ll try to tell about every aspect of Dota 2, that can help to start your way to the top.

To become a boosting star you must always choose Carry or Mid heroes.

Know your role


dota2 good support

When you choose a hero you also choose a play style. If you chose the Carry should not rush into action at the first levels, better pay more attention on farm to become stronger to Late-game. Carry is the key to the success of the game. In the beginning, they require supports services, as well as in a large quantity of gold. Get it – your concern. The main inflow is to farm creeps and lasthits towers. Remember that the farm in the forest is less favorable than on the line, so if you drove into the woods, do not linger there. It is better to change the line and continue to collect the gold.

Every death is critical

In Dota2 you can not afford to die under any pretext. At death, you lose a huge chunk of gold, and you can not farm and gain experience during the time of rebirth. Remember also that the most important target on the battlefield is the enemy Carry. We need to kill it as often as possible to its potential remain undisclosed. But do not forget that this rule also works for you.

Lasthit towers

on each of the enemy lines stands a potential bags of gold – TowersIf you destroy it then to your whole team will be added a nice boost in goldbut if you Lasthit tower then you will have a solid bonus award. Know your damage to the tower and try to inflict a final blow.
The main goal of the game – to destroy the enemy Ancient. To reach it you need to destroy a minimum of 3 towers. Whenever possible, try to damage enemy buildings, as they do not healing until the end of the match, then sooner or later you will destroy it.
In the early stages of the game do not even think to beat the tower alone, because it does a lot of damage in a certain radius of itself. Damage tower only under the protection of creeps. But it is worth remembering that the tower immediately starts to attack you instead creeps if you caused damage to enemy hero while within its range.
Protect your tower to prevent the enemy team even closer to you by Farm.


  1. Play safely
  2. Farm farm farm
  3. Destroy towers

To be continued…