Teamfight Tactics Guide: Tips for Newbies

The new auto-battler from Riot Games lacks a detailed tutorial. Players are thrown into the meat grinder of chess (or checkers?) battles without much preparation. Without playing League of Legends, it is very hard to get comfortable with TFT. Here we come to the rescue you with our small guide.

Let the money work for you

Gold is the most important tool in Teamfight Tactics. The resource allows you to do everything, starting with the level, buying new characters and ending with rerolls to try again to select champions. A significant part of the gameplay is devoted to earning the maximum amount of money.

Teamfight Tactics

Immediately advice: it is easier to farm gold from interest calculation. This is the earnings that are multiplied each turn, depending on how much gold you complete the round. One coin for every 10 points, up to a maximum of five. That is, these are two bonus gold for 20, three for 30 and so on. It makes sense to get yourself a ceiling of 50 gold, and the surplus is already spending on high-level new champions and reroll.

You can plan your earnings using the icons on the left side of the screen. Moreover, you can check the presence of gold both in yourself and in your opponents.

Lose a round is not the end of the game

A slightly more painful way to earn gold in Teamfight Tactics is to arrange a series of lost rounds. The series of victories or defeats brings the most gold and losing streak is achievable much easier. The main thing is not to miss a fight with minions for items.

Do not forget about objects

With the beginning of the battle in Teamfight Tactics, the roster is blocked. The game shows animation, movement, but you can change the composition of champions on the board only after the end of the round. However, this rule in no way concerns items. The mechanics of the game allows you to throw items on any live champion on the board. You can quickly heal dying character and change the course of events.

Assassins are special

Each champion class has its own unique abilities to help strengthen the composition. The Assassins, however, has rather peculiar gameplay. While most champion just goes ahead in a fight, the assassins jump behind their opponents to the opposite square of the field. The familiar trick for Dota Underlods fans, isn’t it? Murderers with a bang cope with powerful, but rather frail guys from ranged squads.

Positioning could win a fight

You can resist the assassins with the help of a tank in the rear. As long as enemy assassins mess around with heavyweights, your ranged champions will be able to deal damage.

tft positioning

The main time to read the opponent. If he has many assassins, this maneuver makes sense. If not, boldly push tanks forward, so that they crushed the enemy line of defense. The extra movements on the heroes’ board are not very useful: they cannot attack and save mana.

Tiers are important

Not all TFT champions are equal in power and strength. Some of them are simply stronger than others, so they are less common in the pool. Rare heroes are more expensive, and the cost is compensated by more powerful abilities. For example, Miss Fortune is worth 5 gold, but she has a wonderful attack on the area. More rare heroes, even at a low level, are able to duel their casual rivals. So do not be afraid to make substitutions in the roster or change tactics to support the rare champion who is acquired in the decisive rounds.

Gold is gold

Level enhancement is very important in Teamfight Tactics. It increases the maximum number of heroes that a player can put on the board. The second level gives two heroes, the third three and so on. At the start of the game, it’s not worth it to think about it, because XP is giving in every round. But then you have to spend on gold progress.

tft kindred

The level rises simply – with the help of a button on the left side of the screen in purchases. The space of the bench and the presence of an extra champion on the board in the final stage can be decisive. It is necessary to keep in reserve copies of champions to raise their level but do it wisely. Sometimes you need to sacrifice and sell a few champions to increase your own level.

Experiments are rewardable

Debut games in Teamfight Tactics can seem quite complicated, especially if you haven’t played it before. First, you need to spit heroes from the general draft, then select five heroes with very different class and initial bonuses, as well as various synergistic effects. Sounds scary hard. And to return to the game after a devastating defeat (as it awaits you, most likely) will not be easy, but in the race for the rewards, you could always use But believe me, it does not matter.

TFT board

The early stage in TFT involves a little chaos, but it is still balanced in such a way that any champions are able to overcome the first waves of minions. Even if you lose the first three rounds, the amount of damage received is negligible from a general point of view. Increasing interest in the game and making a plan for it is much more interesting. Do not be afraid to experiment and watch how this or that champion work.

Sometimes you need to spend gold to earn a much more

Gold is useful if you spend it wisely. It is important to remember about a reserve of 50 gold units, and then spend it at the right time. It is often useful to reroll characters (update the list in the pauses between battles) to get the ones you need. The main thing is to make sure that the money is spent not in vain.

Hunt the heroes of average rarity and try to finish one of the champions to the three-star level, around which you can assemble a team and perform a wonderful comeback.

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